SoundRoutes Singers

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Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I have to audition to join SoundRoutes?

The good news is that there are no auditions!  You only need to turn up on the day.  It’s best to either check the website, call or email beforehand just to make sure the groups are running on your chosen week.

2. Do I need to read music?

Good news again, the choirs are taught without sheet music.  You will be given lyrics and will be taught the tunes/harmonies by ear.  For experienced music readers this can offer it’s own challenges but we firmly believe that with these musical styles – aural styles – we achieve the best results by learning by ear and improving our musical memories.

3. I’ve never sung in a choir before – does this matter?

Not at all.  Many of our members hadn’t sung in a choir before they joined – or perhaps not since they were at school.  Singing is like anything else – the more you practice, the better you sound and the more confident you will feel.  We have all levels of ability in our groups, and they are richer for it.

4. Will I have to sing on my own?

Sometimes we will offer solos to more experienced singers.  However, nobody will ever be forced into the spotlight, or even cajoled into it!  We want you to enjoy the sessions, and not to feel nervous or uncomfortable.

5. Will I have to perform on stage?

We do perform and promote concerts.  However, participation in these is on a voluntary basis only.  We have a sign-up system.  If you wish to take part then you can feel free to sign up, and if you don’t feel quite ready then you can wait until next time.

6. I don’t feel confident about coming alone, will people be friendly?

Many of our members were nervous when they first joined but have made new friends who they now look forward to seeing each week.  There are always lots of new people joining and we encourage a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

7. Can I join at any time?

We do welcome new members at any time throughout the year.  However, by far the best months to join are September and January when we start work on new material.  If you start at any other time then there may be an element of catching up, especially before concerts.  Do feel free to try and decide for yourself if you would rather wait.

8.How much does it cost and do I need to pre-book?

Each session costs £5.  Most choirs require an upfront subscription fee per term but with SoundRoutes you only pay when you come to a session.  Therefore if circumstances change, you haven’t lost any money.  Also, it gives you the opportunity to try the choir for a few weeks to see if it is right for you.  You don’t need to pre-book, you only need to turn up on the night.  As mentioned before, it is helpful if you check the website or contact us beforehand to make sure the choirs are running on your chosen week.

9. Where and when are the sessions held?

Sessions are held weekly, roughly following the school sessions.  To see times and locations check the choirs page.